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Global Jihad Ongoing

By Craig Martelle | April 26, 2006

Usama bin Laden gave his "state of the union" message a couple days ago, going once around the world in order to condemn all the anti-Islamic "evil" acts along with praising the Al Qaeda minions. UBL has global reach, thanks to Al Jazeera's public airing of his messages.

Within three days following bin Laden's message, five suicide bombers had killed dozens and wounded over 100 people, and from all reports to date, the victims were all Muslims. Why this war between Muslim groups when the overall Islamist efforts are seeing submission from the west? Look to Europe for the apologies following the cartoon jihad. Look to America's MSM who refused to publish the cartoons, because they didn't want to inflame tensions (Comedy Central even censored its wildly popular South Park).

Fox explores the questions, but found no answers. The Israelis, being closest to these latest attacks have an opinion.

For months now, security officials have warned that al-Qaida and Global Jihad were slowly closing in on Israel and were attempting to establish cells in the Palestinian territories. Even though this most recent attack was not in Israel, it was still cause for concern at the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv, where senior officers on Tuesday referred to it as another sign of Global Jihad's encroachment on Israel.

Egyptian security agencies are reporting that the Dahab bombers were Sinai Bedouins. Bedouins who happen to be disenchanted with the Mubarak government and have been considered ripe for Al Qaeda recruiting.

But Monday's bombings did not come as a surprise to the defense establishment, which months ago issued an advisory against traveling to Egypt and particularly Sinai. Military Intelligence believes Sinai has turned into an al-Qaida hotbed whose cells were behind all of the latest Sinai terror attacks, including the bombings in Sharm e-Sheikh last July and in Taba in 2004, which together killed over 100 people.

Still, the question remains unanswered regarding why Muslims are not just being killed, but being actively targeted. Is it possibly that each major player already sees the demise of the West and are jockeying for the key leadership of the Islamic world on the day the West capitulates? Or do the Islamic extremists hate each other as much as they hate the Christians and the Jews? The more complex view, rooted in recent history is offered by Barry Rubin.

As for Sunni-Shi'ite conflict, most Muslims denied there was any real problem, explaining this as merely one more phony issue raised by their enemies. Everyone got along just fine, thank you very much.

But now the crisis is undeniable. One of the reasons for this situation is the Arab world's decline since its leaders are refusing to make necessary reforms whether they involve civil rights, economic changes, pragmatism, or moderation toward the West and Israel.

The breakdown is apparent in virtually every country even though the regimes are still managing to use demagoguery, Arab nationalism, and the fear of Islamism to hold onto power.

American intervention in Iraq was a key element to establish a buffer between Shiite Iranian Persians and the rest of the Arab world. And the minority Sunni paid the price when they were thrown from power.

But three years of terrorism by Sunni on Shi'ite Muslims (though there have also been bloody reprisals in the other direction) have stirred up passions that might not end short of full-scale civil war. And the Sunnis will lose that war. By cheering on the terrorists, the Arab regimes have taken the side of the Sunnis against the Shi'ites - and Iraq's Shi'ite majority knows it. Saudi Arabia supplies money for the insurgents, Jordanians cross the border to fight, and Syria sponsors the terrorist war in every way.

Rubin concludes that the only reason that disparate Islamist agents worked in concert in Iraq was that of mutuality of short-term goals. That is, he agreed with Craig's first law of international relations - the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

By reading out the Shi'ites, and certainly by showing so little sympathy for them, the Sunni Muslims may be transforming an Iraqi civil war into a general Arab and Muslim civil war. And if Iraq's majority is being driven toward Iran, the Arab leadership and Sunni Islamists are largely to blame. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, this new power alignment will become even more evident and dangerous.

The Jewish World Review just published an article regarding how the world is dealing with the Hamas and its legitimate position as the elected government of the Palestinian people while still openly supporting terrorism, lauding terrorist acts against Israel.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, through his spokesperson, called upon the Palestinian Authority "to take a clear public stand against such unjustifiable acts of terrorism." In other words, Annan wants Hamas to condemn as "unjustifiable" something it has just justified. And do so sincerely. This is the response of civilized men to barbarity: They're reduced to begging for a lie.

Make no mistake - Hamas is one of the many fronts in Al Qaeda's global jihad. The attacks on Dahab were supposed to kill Coptic Christians and vacationing Jews. The fact that a few Muslims were sent to martyr-land in order to get the infidels seems to be an acceptable exchange to those who are conducting the terror war. The vast and silent Muslim majority needs to awaken and denounce these tactics. The suicide bomber is an impersonal weapon, but he comes from families who have worked hard to be families and to support those families. The terror war falls apart quickly when the faces of the victims are covered by veils or pious Islamic beards. The vast and silent Muslim majority allows terror to happen - if there is no recruiting ground and not even passive support, then the terrorists will be isolated and minimized. They will find no shelter and no new recruits. At this time, I don't see this conclusion. Al Zarqawi bombed a Jordanian hotel, killing numerous Jordanians. His goal was to kill American intelligence officials - he failed. He was condemned by Jordan and his Zarqawi relatives. He lost face, but only for a short time - no more bombings in Jordan. He dropped from view.

However,al Zarqawi has returned, bigger and better than before. Bill Roggio has a great analysis on the Counterterrorism blog. Stop by and take a look. Yes, al Zarqawi is the front man for Al Qaeda in Iraq, but what is his personal goal when the West falls? Are the Islamic extremists lining up for their just desserts when they win this war? Is the Global Jihad that close to a successful conclusion? Does the end appear that near to them?

Iran is clearly on the active and wrong side of the Global Jihad.The extremists believe that the Iranians are very close to having nuclear weapons - is there any question as to whether the terrorists believe what Iran will do with their nuclear option?


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